The Power of a Daily Journal

John Affleck, a very talented coach and a colleague from Denver, reminded me recently about the power of daily journaling. He had asked me about recent wins in my coaching practice and about the positive influence I was having on my clients.

Of course there were some significant wins to talk about: a client who found a way to increase revenue significantly; another expanding the business in new ways; another whose viewpoint about the future shifted to positive from negative. John suggested writing wins like those in my daily journal as they occur. That way my journal will contain proof positive about the value I bring to clients and will be a source of inspiration whenever I need it.

Daily journaling is one of those markers of success; the most successful people of all time have journalized regularly. If you keep a daily journal already, you know how powerful it can be. If you have never tried it, take John’s advice and start right away. It’s a great way to record thoughts, ideas, hopes and fears, and of course, your wins. It takes only a few minutes, costs next to nothing, and can change your life.

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