One Small Change

What is the impact of one small change?

In recent years the use of hiking poles has become increasing popular with walkers and hikers. Once considered to be equipment for mountain climbers and serious trekkers only, hiking poles are seen increasingly on city streets as well. Research has shown that hiking poles have the effect of reducing pressure on the knees by as much as 7 kilograms per step, and by a total of over 30 tonnes during the course of a full day of hiking. One small change, a slight reduction in pressure, results in a huge efficiency gain over the course of a day.

In business, the impact of small changes can be equally dramatic. The law of incremental improvement says that every great achievement is an accumulation of hundreds and even thousands of tiny efforts that by themselves seem small and insignificant. But the accumulation of these small incremental changes over time and across the key areas of a business can result in extraordinary success. Indeed it is
this principle that lies at the heart of the continuous improvement methods (Total Quality Management) made popular a few years ago by W. Edwards Demming and practiced with great success by companies such as Toyota.

The point is that if you focus your energies on making small incremental improvements in your business, of say 1% or even .1% per day or per week in key areas such as marketing and sales, systems and processes, operating costs and so on, and if you instil an attitude and mindset of continuous improvement in your organization, you can easily increase, even double your profitability in a very short time frame.

Here are seven ways to apply this principle in your business and to double your income in the process. You can apply these ideas every day or every week and see what happens.Make more sales – increase the number of sales you make each day, month or year.

      • Make more profits on each sale – sell more
        profitable products or sell at a higher profit
      • Make larger sales – increase the size of each
        sale and make larger sales to each customer
      • Sell more often to the same customer – increase
        the frequency with which your customers buy
      • Raise your prices – Raise the prices for your
        top selling products and slower selling products
        • Reduce your costs – examine every part of your
          business to find ways to squeeze out costs
      • Sell something else – introduce new and
        different products to current and future customers

Sometimes just getting going is the hardest part. The first step seems impossibly difficult, but once taken, then the second step is easier and the third easier still until you have movement and momentum to carry you forward. Then all it takes is persistence to keep going, even though there are unanticipated road blocks and unforeseen barriers in the road.

Looking to double your profits? Take one small 1% improvement step in any of the areas above, then another, then another, and watch where it takes you.

Happy hiking…


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