How to Keep Your Superstar Employees

by Brian Tracy brought to you by Don Ramage

Superstar employees — that remarkable 2% of the working population that accounts for 98% of business growth — are worth their weight in stock options. Luckily, they won’t demand that from you. What they will demand is that you give them a future worth working on.

Here’s one way to make sure you are doing that.

Regularly, at least once a year, take them out to lunch (one at a time) and ask them the following questions:

* “What do you like best about your job?”

* “What do you like least?”

* “Which of your recent accomplishments are you most proud of?”

* “What is the most important thing you have learned this year?”

* “Other than yourself, who do you think is our most valuable employee?”

* “What three things would you like to do more of? Less of?”

* “How can I make your job more rewarding?”

You are asking these questions for three good reasons. First, you want to spend some formal time paying attention to your superstars. Second, you want to find out if they are experiencing any problems that hamper their performance or enjoyment of their work. Third, you are looking for ideas to make your business better.

If you do the lunches right, you’ll achieve all three objectives — and you will reenergize your best people.


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