How Much Time Do You Devote To Learning?

Brought to you by Don Ramage and Focal Point Coaching

It might be easy or convenient to think that the world’s most successful people were just born with natural abilities that the majority of individuals don’t possess.

However, if you were to research these men and women carefully, the common traits you would find are a thirst for knowledge and a dedication to learning.

The great scientists and captains of industry didn’t just happen upon the skills and knowledge that led to their life-changing discoveries or their incredible power and wealth.

They acquired these things through devotion, commitment and continuous effort. They had a goal in sight and worked tirelessly to achieve it without letting minor setbacks stand in their way.

Most people bemoan their fate and believe that they will never truly amount to anything.

In many cases, their predictions come true — not because of their lack of ability, but because of their lack of application.

It would be hard to imagine, for instance, the Richard Bransons and the Bill Gates of the world wasting valuable hours sitting in front of the television. More likely, they were immersed in learning everything they could about their fields and industries in order to build their mighty empires.

Time is precious, so why not turn off the TV for just half an hour or an hour a day and devote yourself to becoming an expert in something that you feel passionately about?

As my mentor Brian Tracy would say; “Anything worth doing, is worth doing – poorly – at first!”


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