Finding Voice

A colleague announced a few days ago she is leaving her position, which she has held for several years, to go back to school and pursue a career that has been her interest and passion for some time. How wonderful for her to be off on new adventures.

Steven Covey talks of the importance of “finding your voice”, that is, finding the thing that gives you the highest and greatest meaning in your life, and then pursuing the heck out of it. You can only find your voice by having the courage to explore, to try new things, to boldly go where you have not gone before, in faith that it will all work out.

There is a proverb that says if you seek a distant shore, then you must first untie the boat. How often it seems that we are reluctant, frightened into immobility, lulled into complacency by comfort and routine, unable to untie the boat. There is a price to pay of course; that is the opportunity cost of the adventures missed, the road not taken, the voice not found. The rewards can be..well that is less certain. It is that fear of the unknown, the uncertainty of knowing how it will turn out, that makes the seemingly simple act of untying the boat so incredibly difficult.

My colleague found the courage to untie her boat. I wish her fair winds, that she finds her voice, and that she achieves more success than she has yet imagined.


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